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Knowledge Base

Stock Market Education

This knowledge base has all the stock market topics covered for your reference. Furthermore, It is really- a stock market integrated. Know more about our course’s theory.

Subsequently, Starting from the basics of the stock market and technical analysis.

In addition, Derivatives analysis, including options and strategies. Finally, fundamental analysis along with psychology and risk management.

Above all, this covers all the class notes. Nonetheless, this is free to all.

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1.Basics of stock Market

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Stock Market Institute

Learning sharks has been known for its practical approach and stock market-integrated learning experience. Courses offered at our institute instruct and prepare for a trading journey. Aim to be consistently profitable and “hope over skills” attitude. 


” I am extremely happy and obliged to serve as a mentor at learning sharks. Their learning ecosystem is far more practical and reliable. I do not shy away to accept this environment as the best I have ever seen.”

Akshay ( Derivatives mentor) 

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Finally, we have managed to write down all the stock market topics. Clearly, there is so much available on youtube and google. However, this page includes all the theories. Nevertheless, if you are a stock market aspirant, read out the topics here. Also, do share this page for free stock market education. Besides, providing quality stock market education is our aim. Differing from other stock market institutes, above all , we stand. Without a doubt, one should read the theory then only jump to live trading indeed.

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Even so, we launch new stock market integrated trading programmes every 6 months. In spite of stock market trends and conditions. While we have you here. Of course, we do not want to miss asking you to share a review. Clearly, It is necessary and appreciated. our Trading community has been growing evidently. Surely, the credit goes to our mentors and our hard-working trading students. For this reason, we keep coming out with discounts and concessions on our programmes. Besides, We believe each citizen has the right to learn about the market.

Because we believe each student should be successful. Since our program is so powerful. So, we encourage and invite more applications, therefore. Of course, we feel proud to invite the differently abled students too. Moreover, the stock market does not care about any race, religion, family background or religion also. Then, again, We are there to assist you with the best education. Finally, head over to our contact page to speak to our counsellor. For one thing, we do not want our students to fail, which is why give regular and repeated classes too.