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Finding good trades is not the issue, it’s what you do when you are WRONG


Real Trading. NISM & NIFM Certifications. Over 1000 Students Trained.

Attend a Free demo which  includes

  • What to expect from the market? Under the share market.
  • Reality check! Who are real traders and investors?
  • What are you doing wrong in the stock market?
  • How to start a career in the stock market.

Joining us in December?

Get ready to experience a life of a stock market trader and Investor. Head to our new student guide. To know more, speak to our student counselor.


Top stock market courses in delhi

Stock Market Training Institute

Learning Sharks is a renowned share market institute for Stock Market Courses since 2016.  Share market training classes include the Basics of stock market, Technical analysis course & Derivatives analysis. 
With 15+ Exp. mentors cum Traders & 10+ elite share market courses for beginners. Learning sharks stand among the best #1 Stock Market institutes. Real trading experience in the live stock market in NSE, BSE, commodity market ( MCX) , NCDEX, and currency market
Let's start Investing in the share market today using fundamental analysis and mutual funds. Along with Intraday trading, we prepare for jobs & NISM/NCFM certification exams. 



Stock market classes ( In-person): Starting Dec 2022  

Online Classes: Running. Admissions open

➤ Giving funds to trade in the stock market to students.

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Shark Trader course

One of the best Stock Market Courses starts from the basics of the stock market. Trading courses including technical analysis, futures and options trading. Online courses and Offline classes for beginners. Learning intraday from the best share market institute.

Fundamental course

Fundamental Analysis course

Strong fundamental analysis of stocks in the stock market for dummies. Along with economic, industry and technical analysis of a company. Find good fundamental stocks using tools and resources for investing. Learn to read balance sheets, Market cap, find intrinsic value and so on.

Learning sharks Stock market Institute

Technical analysis Course

A technical Analysis course is the most important part of stock market trading. Getting started in technical analysis by chart patterns, Macd indicator or Nifty analysis. Classic share market chart patterns including gold, silver, crypto and bank nifty. Learn price action, moving average and so much.

Stock market Institute Share Market Institute stock market institute in delhi stock market institute near me Top 10 stock market training institutes in india stock market institute in noida stock market courses in delhi fees share market institute in delhi best share market intitute in delhi Indian stock Trading courses

Shark Trader Pro course

Stock Market Pro course complies around 6 modules. Includes all the tools which are necessary for trading. For beginners, this trading & investing training at learning sharks stock market institute instructs on risk & money management and beyond.

Stock market options and futures derivative analysis

Futures & Options course

The derivatives analysis course covers every topic including the call and put option. Furthermore, open interest, greeks, strike price, straddle, covered call etc. Study dow jones or nifty live futures, practising using sensibull. Master nifty 50 futures, options trading, put call ratio, bank nifty options and other investing futures.

learning sharks stock market institute

Psychology Training

The prevailing behaviours and aggregate sentiment of market actors at any one time are referred to as market psychology.Further, The word is frequently used by financial journalists and analysts to explain market action overall that isn't explained by other indicators, such as fundamentals.

Stock market articles for free

Key Highlights of stock market courses


Our stock market training institute provides certificates after you finish the course. Certainly, That will assist you to get your dream employment.  Also, We also furnish you a great looking resume and powerful recommendation letter.

Individual attention

Our students' success in achieving their trading objectives invigorates the courses we provide. In the stock market, there are a variety of tactics to employ. whether in a tactical or fundamental sense Class sizes must be kept small. As a result, the student will have a far better knowledge of the material. Terms, Definitions, and Other Investing Ideas.

share Market Courses

The stock market isn't all that difficult. when you have traders and teachers trading with you to make money. It costs money to learn trading and investment. Furthermore, learn from a trader rather than a teacher. Learn how to deal with adversity and not become overconfident while so you're making cash.

2 years Assistance

Our institute's mission is to educate and instruct people on how to trade stocks. Whether or if they have prior experience. Despite this, we supply all necessary trading instruments as well as instructions. Our stock market training also includes coaching and a lot of practice time. So, believe it or not, we won't let you leave until you've learned how to profit from the stock market.

Funds to Trade

So, It's critical that you put what you've learned into practice.  Still, Learning sharks will not let you go before you start earning money. Since We provide funds up to 1 lac to trade and one month of paid internship to all our students.

Fees & Instalments

WE strive to deliver you the most up-to-date stock market knowledge. We've figured to get the extensively competitive fees for Content & Facilities. For one thing, We are optimistic. At last, To be able to offer share market training at such a satisfactory course fee. One can opt for the instalments if needed.

The basics of stock Markets

Short-term income, Long-term wealth and everything between. Students in our institute learn how professionals make money in the stock markets. Thus,  By gaining lifetime access to our classes, tools, resources, and online learning sessions.


Learn to invest on your terms

  1. A step-by-step approach to trading and investing
  2. Practice trading with real money in our shark trader course
  3. Expert instructors providing instructions

Stock Market Courses

Live Trading

Stock market Patterns

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Crash Course

learning sharks stock market institute

Cut your losses short and let your winners run

What does it take to trade stocks online like a professional? Do we all lose money in the market? Wrong! Professional traders do not lose control. Additionally, Discipline, risk management, and a trading plan are the real deal. We'll show you how to trade/invest. Also, how to manage your profits/losses like the pros.

Free Stock Market Training Resources

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Top Indian Investor's Bets

Here are the top stocks picked recently by HNI's

Balrampur Chini Mil… 1.24%
Premji and Associates
Portfolio value 325,085.98 Cr

United Breweries Lt… 0.02%
Radhakishan Damani
Portfolio value 203,810.59 Cr

Mold-Tek Packaging … -1.2%
Ashish Kacholia
Portfolio value 1,802.22 Cr

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Student's Long-Term Bets

Some of our students best picks

Avinash SinghSBI CARD700.00Finance
Swati UpadhyayMANAKSTEEL40.00Steel
Rajeev DabralEMMBI80.00Packaging
Vivek KrEXIDEIND180.00Auto ancillaries
Gautam  kumarKIRIIND500.00Chemicals
Sakshi ShreyaJETAIRWAYS90.00


Which institute is best for stock market? How much does a stock market course cost? What are the courses for stock market? Which course is best from NSE? Who is best stock trainer in India? How can I become NSE certified trader? How do beginners learn stocks? How do I get a job in stock market? Is NSE training good? Is NSE training free? Who is eligible for NSE exam? How can I apply for NSE exam? What is the syllabus for NSE? What is NSE course?


Here are the top Trading and investing stock market books pdf. By reputable industry experts, as well as the beginner's guide to help you finally get started in the stock market.

Frequently asked questions

Nonetheless, Learning sharks is a stock market institute that started back in 2016. under a different name “bull street trading academy”.At this time,  Shifted its operations all online and offline. Today, learning sharks is one of the prominent stock market trading institutes for share market classes. Undoubtedly, With strong content delivery experience and solid knowledgable instructors.

Firstly, Our student base is more than 1000+ combined.  Above all, who all contribute to the overall success of our training institute
Firstly, Learning shark stock market institute has a community of both young and experienced. Definitely,  Traders, investors, and jobbers to support upcoming learners. 

Equally important, the Learning sharks stock market institute does offer a free introductory class to people interested in learning.


In conclusion, Find out more about the company’s educational programs.  You can register for a free stock market intro class.

Obviously, we were kinda expecting that! Yes and No! Clearly, That’s probably the safest answer. Why do we think we are? To start off, Our experience here at the stock market institute in teaching is something to consider.

Additionally, Our number of mentors makes it easy to understand the concept. Above all, The concept of proving you with a different instructor who has expertise in a given topic. In contrast,  It makes so much sense. Moreover, We do not believe in one teacher for all the modules. So, That’s what makes us stand apart. Why is other stock market institutes considerable?

They have been in the market too, we are sure they have something to teach you too.

The course fee at learning sharks stock market institute varies from course to course and is mentioned under the fees section. At times, we run some discounts on our courses, you can always ask about it from the education counsellor. 

It should be noted, For some reason, if you can’t pay the whole fee before, we break it into interest-free instalments. Since Our stock market institute forward your fees to the mentors. in the event of non-payment of the fees.


However, your class will be put on hold or terminated until the next payment. We understand emergencies, do not worry we will not chuck you out and will give you enough time. You can make payments using UPI, bank transfers, Credit or Debit cards and cash in some cases.

Are you a beginner or an intermediate? we get students who happen to be a noobie. We recommend starting from the basics of the stock market. This 2 day’s class not only covers what is NSE and BSE? or what is stock market knowledge and words. It includes all the stock market topics you need to be aware of. These topics will be covered by an expert cum trader.

Derivative analysis course

Further, we have Financial derivatives. This covers the options, futures, and strategies like a bull call spreadbear call ladder and so on. The derivative analysis course will be taken by a separate mentor cum full-time trader. He has experience in trading all the strategies. He is not only a mentor but a long-time profitable trader.

Technical analysis course

Later comes the Technical analysis module. This is known to be the backbone of the course. This includes over 25+ trading strategies, 35+ Chart patterns, Types of candles and so much more.

Absolutely, This course is also taken by a separate mentor cum trader. He is a full-fledged technical analyst and has an experience in trading profitably. He introduces live trading from the first class.

Psychology and risk management

Last but not the least, we have psychology and risk management. This module is the Most Important &covers over 100+ topics including what to expect, risks and so much more.

Undoubtebly, Once you complete this 2 months course, there is a paid internship. Where you sit down with your batch mates and take 100 trades. You can take trades in the classroom or after it. You will be assigned with a trading buddy ( who has an experience in trading for years) and he will guide you through.

He knows how to handle an inexperienced trader. After all, he himself was a noobie once.

Apart from the batch mates, and teachers, he will be the best trading friend. Such as, You can share your trades with him through. He reports to all the mentors and will stop you from putting loss-making trades. While encouraging you with a green flag when the trade is right.

Is that all? well one more surprise, since you read till the end. We provide students with funds up to 10 lac. During your internship, you get to trade with our money and practise as much. If you manage to stay profitable, you get to keep the 70% profit. If you lose, it’s all on us. It’s all real money btw.

How does that sound now? Too good to be true, right? oh well. Now you know why ” learning sharks” is considered to be the best stock market institute.

Need time to decide? if you still want to learn “how to trade” in the stock market from us? Take all the time in the world.No rush.

As long as, The Indian stock market is full of opportunities and is not going anywhere. However, your mind will.

Whereas, Feel like speaking to the counsellor, who is a trader himself/herself? Go ahead, Dial us at 8595071711 or drop your questions at [email protected]

Until then, see you on the trading floor !!!!

#stockmarketInstitute #learningsharks #sharemarket #courses

ok, let’s understand this. We at learning sharks- stock market institute offer share market courses. Thriving making you a full-time stock trader or a full-time employee.
All things considered, Yes!, you would be able to do both of them after your course at our stock market institute. Once you learn how to trade in the stock market. The cash you would be generating can not be offered in any corporate. You become your own boss.


Yet, if you see the stock market as a passion yet still want to work after the course, we respect that. You can appear for the NCFM and NISM exams for which we btw pay if you clear with about 90%. A plethora of job vacancies is open for you once you clear the exam.
Altogether, From the banking sector, Insurance companies, broking houses and research houses. Also, financial institutions &investment banking sector as terminal operator/dealer relationship executive. Manager, executive.
Apart from this manager in RMS, executive and manager in depository department DP. Also, executive and manager in back-office department, technical and fundamental analyst. The best is a research analyst.
Definetely, You can become a broker or sub-broker and do business. Furthermore, you can open your research advisory company. and give research tips to your clients. The choice is yours.

That’s a good one!  Let’s clear the Myth! There is no difference. Content covered in offline and online classes is exactly the same. From instructors to study material, topics, and the number of trades you punch in. Including hours you put in are still the same. Although, there is one difference. We find it better for students to come over and take in-person classes. Why? well,  you know, It just gives a different understanding.

Given that, when your teacher is right there for you. Of course, that avoids so many issues everybody faces with online classes like internet issues. Maybe parents or relatives interrupt while you are being serious about your future.

Especially, we keep it for you to decide, which one is the best for you.

Yes, you may have questions, and we welcome them. At learning sharks, you may have so many questions related to management. Including instructors, fees, courses, job openings, course material and so on. Do not worry, they all can be addressed.  Either you can visit our contact page and fill out the form. You can send us an email directly at [email protected] your query/feedback will be entertained in 24-48 hours.  Or, you can call us on our number, and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

Basics of stock market10,000
Derivative analysis course15,000
Technical analysis course19,000
Fundamental analysis15,000
Psychology and Risk management5,000
Options strategies15,000
Shark Trader course35,000
Shark Trader Pro50,000

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