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Top Stock Market Institute

Learn to Trade Equity, Futures & Options, Gold, Currencies, & Crypto Currencies to make Generational wealth

Trading in the classroom with mentors using price action, Trends, and Patterns. Interestingly,  89% of Students cover their fees during training


Top stock market courses in delhi

Best Stock Market Training Institute

In the first place, Learning Sharks is a renowned share market institute for Stock Market Courses since 2016.  Share market training classes not only  Basics of stock market but also  Technical analysis course & Derivatives analysis. 
As a matter of fact, With 15+ Exp. mentors cum Traders & 10+ elite share market courses for beginners. In like manner, Learning sharks stand among the best #1 Stock Market institutes. In addition, Real trading experience in the live stock market in NSE, BSE, commodity market ( MCX), NCDEX, and currency market
Let's start Investing in the share market today using fundamental analysis and mutual funds. Along with Intraday trading, we prepare for jobs & NISM/NCFM certification exams. 



➤In retrospect, Running Stock market classes: Admissions open

➤ In addition, Online Classes: Running

➤Furthermore, students can be given funds to trade in the stock market.

share market courses


Firstly, Being profitable consistently while keeping up with the Top Indexes Nifty & Sensex. In addition, or finding a stockbroker who offers discounted brokerage, can be challenging. Especially, for a beginner in the stock market.

Through, a curriculum that is heavily based on learning through live trading models. Clearly, the Shark Trader Course has been designed to bring out the best in you. Also, transform you into a skilled stock trader. Moreover, You will further improve your understanding of how the financial market functions thanks to this course.

The painstakingly designed course is a thorough trading curriculum that covers all facets of the major stock exchanges like NSE, BSE & MCX.

Who can take this course?

• Beginners looking to shorten their learning curve.
•  Intermediate-level traders who wish to learn more about trading.
• Individuals interested in learning the most important trading concepts.
• Traders who wish to improve their entry and exit timing.

Stock Market course


The Stock Market crash course is designed for students with time constraints. This course touches on most of the topics mentioned below. This BRIEF course covers enough topics to learn trading and investing skills. This can be further Upgraded to shark trader with discounted fees.

Do you enjoy reading? How do you respond to inquiries? What happens if a new strategy you try on the stock market doesn't work? Do you think you need criticism? 

In this course, we will cover topics and not in-depth studies, but that shall be more than enough to survive and make money in the stock market.



Subject 1: Basics of Stock Market 

Subject 2: Technical Analysis

Subject 3: Futures and Options 

Subject 4: Fundamentals Analysis 

Subject 5: Psychology

Subject 6: Live Trading

Subject 7: Certification


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Futures & Options course

The derivatives analysis course includes the call CE and put option PE equally. Furthermore, open interest, greeks, strike price, straddle, covered call, etc. Then, Study dow jones or nifty live futures, practicing using sensibul. Catch 100-150 points movements in nifty 50 futures and options trading too.

Learning sharks - Stock Market Institute

Shark Trader Pro course

In contrast, Shark Market Pro is a 6-month course that complies with 6+ modules. Besides, it Includes all the tools which are necessary for trading and Investing. Above all, For beginners, this trading & investing training instructs on risk & money management and beyond.

"Transform Your Financial Future with the Stock Market Institute's Education and Support

Technical Analysis Course

Although this may be true, the most important part of trading. At the same time, Getting started with multiple time frame analyses, RSI, Macd, Candlesticks, Breakouts, Nifty, or Bank Nifty analysis too. Then again, Classic share market chart patterns include trading in commodities like gold, silver, or crude oil. While, One can apply this to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc

Discover the Power of Financial Literacy at the Stock Market Institute.

Fundamental Analysis course

Determining fundamental analysis for stock market for dummies. Learn to read Fundamental analysis from 40+ experienced faculty. Along with economic, industry, and technical analysis of a company. Learn to read balance sheets, Market cap or find intrinsic value, and so on.

Stock market articles for free

Key highlights of the Course

Added Certifications

That Our institute provides certificates as long as you finish and pass the exam. Certainly, That will assist you to get your dream job.  What's more, We also furnish you with a great-looking resume and powerful recommendation letter for the purpose of employment.

Individual Attention

To put it another way, Our students' success in achieving their trading objectives invigorates the courses we provide. To be sure, whether in a tactical or fundamental sense Class sizes must be kept small. As a result, the student will have a far better knowledge of the material.

Share Market Courses

With this in mind, The market isn't all that easy. Unless, when you have traders and teachers trading with you to make money. While It costs money to learn trading. In other words, Learn how to deal with adversity and not become overconfident while so you're making money from trading.

Extended 6 Months Assistance

Despite this, we supply all necessary trading materials as well as instructions. On the positive side, your training also includes a lot of practice time. So, believe it or not, we won't let you leave until you've learned how to profit from the stock market.

Funds to Trade

So, It's critical that you put what you've learned into practice.  Still, Learning sharks will not let you go before you start earning money. Since We provide funds up to 1 lac* to trade and one month of paid internship to all our students indeed.

Fees & Instalments

For this reason, We strive to deliver you the most up-to-date Education. Hence, We've figured to get extensively competitive fees for Content & Facilities. For one thing, We are optimistic. Last, To be able to offer training at such a fee. One can opt for the instalments if needed.

The basics of stock Markets

Generally speaking, Short-term income, Long-term wealth, and everything in between. All things considered, Students in our institute learn how professionals make money in the stock markets. Thus,  By gaining lifetime access to our classes, tools, resources, and online learning sessions.

Free Stock Market Training Resources

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In the meantime, Here are the top Trading and investing stock market books pdf. To begin with, as well as the beginner's guide to help you finally get started in the stock market.

Frequently asked questions

What is learning sharks?

Nonetheless, Learning sharks is a stock market institute that started back in 2016. under a different name “bull street trading academy”.At this time,  Shifted its operations all online and offline. Today, learning sharks is one of the prominent stock market trading institutes for share market classes. Undoubtedly, With strong content delivery experience and solid knowledgable instructors.

How our share market courses better than others?

Obviously, we were kinda expecting that! Clearly, That’s probably the safest answer. Why do we think we are? To start off, Our experience here at the stock market institute in teaching is something to consider.

Additionally, Our number of mentors makes it easy to understand the concept. Above all, The concept of proving you with a different instructor who has expertise in a given topic. In contrast,  It makes so much sense. Moreover, We do not believe in one teacher for all the modules. So, That’s what makes us stand apart.

Tell me about share market classes and payments?

The course fee at learning sharks stock market institute varies from course to course. It is mentioned under the fees section. 

It should be noted, For some reason, if you can’t pay the whole fee before, we break it into interest-free instalments. Since Our stock market institute forward your fees to the mentors. in the event of non-payment of the fees.

However, your class will be put on hold or terminated until the next payment. We understand emergencies, do not worry we will not chuck you out and will give you enough time. You can make payments using UPI, bank transfers, Credit or Debit cards and cash in some cases.

Is there any stock market internship?

Is that all? well one more surprise, since you read till the end. We provide students with funds up to 1 lac. During your internship, you get to trade with our money and practise as much. If you manage to stay profitable, you get to keep the 70% profit. If you lose, it’s all on us. It’s all real money btw.

How does that sound now? Too good to be true, right? oh well. Now you know why ” learning sharks” is considered to be the best stock market institute.

Need time to decide? if you still want to learn “how to trade” in the stock market from us? Take all the time in the world.No rush.

As long as, The Indian stock market is full of opportunities and is not going anywhere. However, your mind will.

Whereas, Feel like speaking to the counsellor, who is a trader himself/herself? Go ahead, Dial us at 8595071711 or drop your questions at [email protected]

Until then, see you on the trading floor !!!!

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Should i take online course or offline course? whats the difference?

That’s a good one!  Let’s clear the Myth! There is no difference. Content covered in offline and online classes is exactly the same. From instructors to study material, topics, and the number of trades you punch in. Including hours you put in are still the same. Although, there is one difference. We find it better for students to come over and take in-person classes. Why? well,  you know, It just gives a different understanding.

Given that, when your teacher is right there for you. Of course, that avoids so many issues everybody faces with online classes like internet issues. Maybe parents or relatives interrupt while you are being serious about your future.

Especially, we keep it for you to decide, which one is the best for you.

Who should i contact for my questions?

Yes, you may have questions, and we welcome them. At learning sharks, you may have so many questions related to management. Including instructors, fees, courses, job openings, course material and so on. Do not worry, they all can be addressed.  Either you can visit our contact page and fill out the form. You can send us an email directly at [email protected]. your query/feedback will be entertained in 24-48 hours.  Or, you can call us on our number, and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

Stock market courses in delhi fees
Basics of stock market10,000
Derivative analysis course19,000
Technical analysis course35,000
Fundamental analysis19,000
Psychology and Risk management5,000
Options strategies20,000
Shark Trader course38,000
Shark Trader Pro55,000
Can i complete my course early?

Although, there is a set time period, in which all the classes are scheduled offline and online as per the batches. In some scenarios, classes can be completed early if the students have a particular situation related to accommodation, college interference,medical emergency or other.

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