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Admissions are open for this year, 2025. Use the link to pay for the Demo and get Discount Fee Payments

New branch in Paschim Vihar is now operational.

What’s New



Starting new year with best of the trading practices. Over and above 1.5cr profit combined profit has been been booked till now.

Excellent year beginning and wish to hold the profits through outs with the trading skills learned in the class.



What is Shariah-compliant Investing?


Islamic law is known as shariah. It combines the regulations of Islamic academics‘ Fatwas with the laws found in the Quran, the religion’s sacred book. The Shariah law establishes a code that all devout Muslims are expected to follow. Additionally, the Shariah law clarifies rules for daily rituals like prayer and fasting. Muslims who require assistance making judgements in business, economics, or family law can consult scholars of Shariah.


Here’s a new Investing course – for our Muslim students. We carefully studied Shariah-oriented topics along with case studies.


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Chandrayaan 3



A noteworthy accomplishment for the nation’s Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which made an unsuccessful effort to land on the Moon in 2019 with precursor mission Chandrayaan-2, is the spacecraft’s Chandrayaan-3 landing.


It will motivate scientists in India “to take the initiative and take centre stage in the emerging and inevitable global quest for Moon-based scientific and technological enterprise.”


If you want to learn how to trade in the stock market !!! Enrol with us to take your profits to the moon !!!

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Updated” 31 th July 2023

Here's an amazing fact !!!


If you are just getting started in the stock market and have no prior knowledge of how the market functions. One of Delhi’s top stock market training facilities is called Learning Sharks. It’s interesting to note that most students who pay fees frequently recoup most of their money within the first two to three months.


To learn more about this, reach out to us.




Stock Market Crash Course

Updated” 26 th July 2023

Stock Market 101

Exchange provides a platform for the purchase and sale of securities such as derivatives, bonds, and stocks through the National Stock Exchange (NSE). To know about such interesting facts, join our complete programme Shark Trader course

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Stock Market 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Stock Market

stock market institute in Noida sec 15

Updated” 11 th June 2023


Excited to announce the new classroom location- Learning Sharks ( Noida Sec 15) Branch close to Noida Sec 15 metro station).


Being in the same classroom as your teacher has its own merits. Of course, online teaching can’t be compared to offline tutoring for many reasonable causes.

However, Seeing an excellent student base from the Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. We had decided to make another classroom for our student’s ease.


The new facility has all the same features, freebies, other necessary facilities, and quality faculties.

Here’s the address and Phone number for our education counsellor. 



Metro Station, B-12, near SECTOR 15, B Block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


Ph 9599710489, +91 120-4294602

Available on the Blue Metro line

Check here for our location on google maps

Updated” 05 th June 2023

June Batches

Completed May and June batches with multiple timings. Excited to announce the competition of the stock market classes for this. New admissions are open for stock market aspirants.


Learn to trade Options and Futures. Head to the contact page to know more about the admissions and Support.


Stock market options strategies

Updated” 01st  June 2023

Option Strategies Page

Options are a sort of derivative contract that, in a financial setting, allows the holder the right—but not the obligation—to purchase or sell an underlying asset at a defined price within a given time frame. Stockscommoditiescurrencies, or other financial instruments might be the underlying asset.


We have added a separate page to explain all the options and strategies. Study that you can learn for free. Also, can apply to your trading strategies to make profits.

Click here for Stock Market Options Strategies 2023

Click here for Stock Market Chart Patterns

Summer internship

Updated” 04th May 2023

Summer Internship ( Starting 8th May)

  1. Starting on May 8th, 2023, this intensive programme will last for four weeks. Live projects for Indian Financial Markets will be supported with mentored advanced technical analysis training from the chief technical analyst.
  2. The chosen interns will receive Live Trading Platforms and Advanced Technical Analysis Tools on their laptops or personal computers.
  3. Up to 2 days per week will be set aside for the required live training and mentor interactions, and up to 2 days per week
  4. This curriculum is a learning sharks initiative to encourage imagination and innovation in the finance industry. In-Market, Practical, and Evolved Concepts would receive more attention than Bookish, Standard Techniques.
  5. During the internship, the training will be concentrated on applying technical analysis skills practically in relevant trading environments. All interns will have access to Live Trading and Advanced Charting.
  6. All of the questions should be noted and asked at the Live Ask-The-Mentor session in the interim.
  7. For interns to have real trading experience, real money must be filled up in live market trading platforms. Additionally, this will enhance the Trader’s Psychology Factor (Greed and Fear).
  8. Only serious people should enrol in this intense programme. All qualified trainees must pay a basic training fee of Rs3200 in order to deter uninterested participation.
  9. Only those participants who actively complete the 4 weeks after their starting date and submit reports/projects on time and seriously will be given internship/training certificates. If a participant leaves the programme in the middle of their internship or project or does not actively complete it, no certificate or refund will be given. 
Students learning how to trader in an institute

Updated” 08 th Apr 2023

Feb Batch completion !!

Technical analysis is a technique for analysing statistical patterns and trends in price and volume data to evaluate financial markets and securities. This technique of study is frequently combined with fundamental analysis, which is concerned with the financial stability and macroeconomic environment of a company.


Feeling grateful to see another batch off for their trading journey and becoming a part of our alumni. Although they would remain our WhatsApp participants for any future queries.

If you want to be a part of our Next batch, hop on and be a part of our next trader’s hunt.

Again, Best wishes to our February batch…. 


P.S Don’t forget to read about our Last Crash course 2.0 post. We are thrilled to announce the addition of the news topics, patterns and indicators.

For any other information, Contact our Admission counsellor.

Share market courses

Updated” 07 th Apr 2023

Crash Course 2.0 Coming Soon

“Students, pay attention! The debut of our new course, which we are thrilled to announce, Stock Market Crash course 2.0.

This course is designed to work on the practical trader, Pattern indicators which were missing in version 1.

This comes with 2 mentors and Extra classes for better understanding. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced learner, this course is perfect for anyone looking to start your trading and investing career.

Don’t pass up this chance to improve your abilities and broaden your knowledge. Enroll right away to begin your educational journey with us.

Learning Sharks Logo - Stock Market Institute

Updated” 27th March 2023

Happy New Financial Year

Cheers to more shared successes in the new year!

Wishing you and yours some well-deserved downtime and a very happy new year to come.

We are glad to offer this ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY for all our prospective students.

We are offering 20% percent discount on limited courses only which includes Crash Course, Technical analysis and Forex.

Learning sharks logo

Updated” 23rd Jan 2023

Upcoming union budget

Top priorities for Budget 2023 expectations

1. According to the survey, the government’s digitalization initiative is having a big impact. Approximately 60% of respondents think the recent push has been good for the industry.


2. Business executives believe that the government will act to boost economic growth. Nearly half of those surveyed think that more tax breaks could encourage expansion in their respective industries.


3. According to the survey, 56% of participants think that aggressively collaborating with the private sector to develop and complete digital projects will advance efforts at digitisation.

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Learning sharks - stock market instittue
#1 Stock Market Institute in Delhi/ NCR

Updated: 18th Dec 2022

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way !

Are you excited about a Santa story? No? That’s alright. We’ve got you a much nicer present.


Learning sharks stock market institute is offering a 10% early bird discount on all of their stock market courses in Delhi. 

If you have been always keen to learn how to trade and invest in the stock market then this year 2023 is for you.

Call our counselor at 8800884228 today and learn more about how to take a “Free” Demo class today at our Rajouri Garden Centre.

Stock Market Institute in Delhi - learning sharks course batch 2022

Updated: 15th Nov 2022

November Batch

Now that we are close to the end of the season, we congratulate all of our students who made the decision to become financially independent being.


Furthermore, we invite applications for the December and the final batch of 2022. We are extremely excited to carry forward this pride to the next year 2023. 


Learning sharks – stock market institute has been around amongst stock market aspirates for ages. If you are interested to shape your finance career or make trading and investing a full-time job. We can help you. Head over to our contact us and speak to a counselor today.

Updated: 15th Oct 2022

Day trading journal for beginner

Are you just getting started? Have you traded before? Do you know that recording your every trade helps you trade better next time. Following certain rules, can assist you to become a profitable trader. Of course, it is not easy as it sounds.


when we first asked out students about their previous traders, they has no idea what they were doing. Not maintaining a proper ledger of your trades is makes you just like a gambler. All professional traders have proper note books or excel for their trades. After all, you learn from your mistakes. Here’s a free Day trading journal to keep a record of everything.

Updated: 4 th Oct, 2022

Stay updated on Twitter with our tweets !!!

Are you a stock market aspirant? Do you use Twitter to know about controversies and company news? While websites like moneycontrol, investing.com, ticker-tape, screener , and economic times. They all can be beneficial and updated. However, Twitter can be reliable for stock market news.


We have decided to keep out students and interested participants about our stock market courses and discounts on twitter website.

Updated: 1 st Oct, 2022

Stock Market Playlist

Being around the stock market and integrating it with your learning. Indeed is the best way to learn how to trade and invest. To be a top trader and investor, these amazing playlists will definitely, help.


Listening to these top share market playlists along with stock market courses will assist you with your training. Download Spotify using your student id and get a discount.


Download Spotify here.

Stock market jobs in india

Updated: 18th Sep, 2022

September Intake

Receiving applications for new Shark trader batch in september. This 3 months course will be make you a consistent profitable trader. Remember “how to learn trading is a journey not a sprint”.


Classes will be taken by Akshay sir, Alok sir and will be supervised by vijay sir. If you interested in the enrolment, reach out to us with your application. Click here to contact us

Stock Market course for kids with disability

Updated: 11th Sep, 2022

Access & inclusion

Assisting students to participate fully in their program of study by minimising the impact of disability and disadvantage on learning.


Access & Inclusion provide support services to students with disability including ongoing health conditions.

Learning sharks is taking the intiative to educate and give right to students to learn how to trade and invest. With the biggest smile, we introduce 50% for students with disability.


Come on in the trading action. Read the complete info here

Updated: 23th Aug, 2022

Collaboration Announcement

we are pleased to inform you that learning sharks share market institute in Delhi has collaborated with SMTA trading academy. With the sets of goals in common learning sharks and SMTA academy will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide exceptional trading and investing knowledge through up-coming cognitive collaboration offerings.


SMTA Trading academy


Based in New Delhi since 2015,committed to helping you outgrow, outperform, and outshine in trading and investing.


Through this exciting partnership, both learning sharks and SMTA will have oportunities to provide outstanding faculties, exception content and the best stock market education.


Classes will be held in Learning sharks, Rajouri Garden.

Updated: 22th Aug, 2022

Goonj Campaign

School to School builds a relationship of empathy and dignity between urban and rural children and works to bridge the gap of resources between the urban and rural formal and informal centers of learning.

It is an combined initiative to provide academic education to the urban children.We insist all our students cum trader to step forward and contribute generously. 

Our Approach for Urban Children

  • Build awareness and empathy about rural issues
  • Inculcate volunteerism and mindful giving practices.
  • Nurture empathy by encouraging urban schools to make it a part of their curriculum.


Learning sharks stock market institute

Updated: 20th Aug, 2022

Travel card

Learning sharks introduced a travel card in partnership with Delhi metro. All the students who travel using the Delhi metro.  All the students will have access to this travel card. This card comes with a thousand rupees added to it.

This shall be considered as a free travel reimbursement to learning sharks students. 

77th Independence day logo and images

Updated: 15 Aug, 2022

This 75th Year of Independence Day

On August 15 of this year, India will commemorate its75th Year of Independence Day. In order to celebrate the nation’s 75 years of independence and to recognise its wonderful past, people, culture, and accomplishments, the government has started the “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.”

Learning sharks ® stock market institute encourages to light up the patriotism. We cheer prospective students and traders to mark an honour this independence day.

We are running a 10% discount on our share market courses from 11th to 15th august, 2022.


Updated: 1st Apr, 2022

BBQ appreciation

Join the appreciation week with learning sharks. Students are invited to join this BBQ party. It has been an amazing month. Overall, the institute students and mentors have had a combined profit of 4.5 lacs.

we welcome all our new batches who have taken the “shark trader course”.  We as an Share Market Institute In Delhi wish each and every student to have a successful journey.


Furthermore, We congratulate all our current and new students who all have achieved their target. 


Date: April 8th, Friday

Venue: Barbeque Nation ( Rajouri Garden)

Time: 2 PM


Do not need to carry laptops, we are going to eat not trade 🙂


We are constantly working to find the most creative yet straightforward ways to help people from all walks of life succeed so they can live without compromise. Share Market Institute in Delhi (LEARNING SHARKS)

The course is provided with a wide range of additional advantages that help traders succeed in their trading. Learn trading and investing by enrolling in the Shark Trader course or  Shark Trader Course Pro.

Updated: 15th Oct 2022

Day trading journal for beginner

Are you just getting started? Have you traded before? Do you know that recording your every trade helps you trade better next time. Following certain rules, can assist you to become a profitable trader. Of course, it is not easy as it sounds.


when we first asked out students about their previous traders, they has no idea what they were doing. Not maintaining a proper ledger of your trades is makes you just like a gambler. All professional traders have proper note books or excel for their trades. After all, you learn from your mistakes. Here’s a free Day trading journal to keep a record of everything.

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