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Getting Worked Up For Nothing

Psychology and Risk Management

What to expect
• Position sizing
• illusion of control
• Accepting critisism
• Paralyzed by fear
• Loss is a feedback, not a failure
• The flexible trader
• Focusing on the positive
• Short straddle
• The dynamics of greed
• The herd mentality
• Notes

Since Rohan has been trading for the past five years, he has worked extraordinarily hard. He took on two jobs to earn enough money to trade with a reasonable probability of success. He spent his evenings and weekends mastering cutting-edge trading strategies. Has it generated any profits? No! rohan is getting frustrated. He has made sacrifices and exerted heroic effort, but he can’t help but feel that his trade objectives are nothing more than wishful thinking. Ever experienced this? Those of you who have been trading in the markets for a while understand exactly what I mean. But in these circumstances, you must think strategically rather than emotionally.

learning sharks stock market institute

Success requires a positive outlook, yet it can be challenging to stay upbeat when encountering numerous failures. It’s normal to become irritated. Your feelings take control. You start to feel frustrated in your ideas. It’s not fair, you begin to think. Since I worked so hard, I SHOULD be rewarded greatly. Although it would be good if the markets behaved as per our expectations, we must follow the markets wherever they lead. We must embrace both the gifts and the burdens that the markets wish to bestow upon us. You won’t ever profit from the markets if you give in to pessimism and dissatisfaction.


What is your method? Recognize that trading presents challenges first. Don’t approach trading in a naive manner. Don’t let yourself believe that it is simple. You’ll only set yourself up for failure, which will make you bitterly unhappy if you have a setback. Hard does not equate to impossible. Recognizing the difficulties involved in understanding the markets can help you create a practical strategy for overcoming issues. Next, express your frustration. Dr. Ari Kiev, a trading specialist, contends that if you accept your emotions, they will go away. When you acknowledge your frustrations as they arise, you may prepare to go past the obstacle after they have passed. Third, you need to be prepared to develop a positive outlook. Remain optimistic.

Trading is one skill that may be learned. If you make the effort, you will be successful. It’s possible that you won’t find success immediately away. Even though you might not be a natural merchant, you will be prosperous. Last but not least, avoid letting feelings influence your judgement when making choices. Instead of emotionally reacting to setbacks, it’s critical to focus on finding solutions. Keep your patience. When you experience a setback, get back up. You’ll discover that if you work hard enough, you can attain your financial objectives.


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