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Access & inclusion

Assisting students to participate fully in their program of study by minimising the impact of disability and disadvantage on learning.

Registration Process

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IT should be noted, Registration with A&I involves meeting with a DisAbility and Equity Advisor (DEA) to develop a personalised Education Access Plan (EAP), which outlines reasonable adjustments to support you to achieve your personal best whilst studying at the Learning sharks.

Importantly, A&I will then assess the nature and extent of the disability or medical condition and facilitate the provision of support. 

Step 1

Furthermore, Arrange your current medical documentation outlining diagnosis, impact on studies and recommendations for reasonable adjustments.

Step 2

Also, Request an A&I registration form.

Nevertheless, Inherent course requirements are the fundamental parts of a course that must be met by all future traders also.

Absolutely, Adjustments may be made to enable a student with a disability to participate in a course, however those adjustments must not fundamentally change the nature of the course’s inherent requirements.

Also , To successfully complete a course at the Learning sharks, you need to be able to meet all the inherent requirements

Undoubtedly, Current Learning Sharks students who are differently abled, have a medical condition, or are recognised primary caregivers of a person with a disability may be entitled to register for reasonable adjustments.


In this case, The definition of disability is based on the Disability Discrimination Act  THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES ACT, 2016  and includes:

  • deafness and hearing impairment
  • blindness and vision impairment
  • physical disability
  • specific learning disability
  • psychiatric disability
  • acquired brain injury
  • chronic medical conditions
  • temporary disability (e.g. broken limb, affected mobility, or short term medical conditions).

Eligibility time frames depend on the nature of the disability or medical condition. Students with a condition that is variable or treatable, may be required to re-new their registration and provide updated medical documentation after 6-12 months.

Registration is free and students are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

Also, Students registering with Access and Inclusion are required to provide current medical documentation showing evidence of their disability/medical condition or personal circumstances.

Documentation requirements for accessing support through A&I

Additionally, To enable a full and accurate assessment of student support, services, and adjustments, students are required to provide opinions from medical practitioners that describe the nature of their disability/medical condition, or personal circumstances and the extent to which that disability may impact their ability to undertake their studies.

Therefore, This allows A&I to:

  • provide advice on the impact of disability/medical condition or personal circumstance in the tertiary education environment
  • provide advice on the nature of the supports and adjustments that would minimise the impact of their condition or circumstance in the tertiary education
  • assist with negotiations and advocacy with university staff
  • ensure that all students are protected by our policies and disability discrimination legislation also

Access and Inclusion (A&I) understand the private nature of the information that may need to be disclosed by a student about their disability or medical condition, and we respect the privacy of that information. 

A&I will not disclose information to any person outside the institute without specific consent of the student.

A&I will create a confidential file that will be stored securely for the duration of your studies.

Education Access Plan

To sum up, It is the student’s responsibility to notify A&I for each new course enrolment to ensure that colleges receive EAP information about reasonable adjustments.

Support Services

Access & Inclusion provide support services to students with disability including ongoing health conditions.

The alternative format service supports students to learn via different approach. Teachers would be willing to sit tight and explain different parts of trading and investing indiviually.

The note-taking service supports students with a physical disability by providing a Note-Taker to attend and take notes during the class.

The identification and appointment of note-takers can be a time consuming process. In many classes, the mentor itself will write notes for the students if required.

However, as the courses are 90% practical, one can be assured, too much of notes will not be required.

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