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In-house Corporate Training

Projects are vital to corporates. Sales & Productivity – Covering Basics, Derivatives & Technical Analysis, Finance or Mutual Funds Each corporate must have a plug for team training, skilling, and reskilling. This program increases sales and productivity for bank staff, financial institutions, and brokerage firms.












In-house Corporate Training Programme

The Corporate Training Program assists businesses in setting up educational sessions, which last 8 to 10 hours on average and are led by experienced brokers, traders, chartered accountants, and financial experts.


  • Easy installments
  • Three certifications
  • Live trading – Daily during class
  • Access to investing books
  • Paid mock test included free Demat accounting opening 
  • Free class retakes & backups*
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Paid Internship
  • Job help

Core module

In-person course

Shark trader course

You are a beginner or have little knowledge about the market this course is for you. It covers basics, derivates, technical analysis and psychology and risk management.


Duration : 3 MONTHS
Language: English & Hindi




Technical analysis

Well-tailored trading course enabling the learning of a robust trading methodology including patterns, tactics, psychology and predict future movements from historical trend data. 


Duration : 1 MONTH
Language: English & Hindi

Derivative trading

Basics, introduction to buy & sell options & futures contracts expiry, compounding, 

cost to carrym hedging, finding beta, types of risk, call and put and strategies.

Duration : 1.5 MONTHS
Language: English & Hindi

Other Stock Market Training Courses

Shark Trader Pro Course

This course compiles 5 different modules Basics of stock market, Derivative analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and stock market Psychology. This course is 80% practical and only 20% theoretical.


Duration : 6 MONTHS
Language: English & Hindi
Live & recorded

Basics of Stock market

In this course, we cover letters A to Z. Before you get into trading and investing in the stock market, It is very important for you to understand some basic terms.

Every piece of information is available on the internet today. 

Duration : 1 MONTH
Language: English & Hindi
Live & recorded

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method of estimating the intrinsic value of a security by analysing numerous 

macroeconomic and microeconomic elements in accounting and finance. 

Fundamental analysis’ ultimate purpose is to determine a security’s intrinsic value. 

Duration : 1.5 MONTH
Language: English & Hindi
Live & recorded

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Who can take this course


Beginners, experts, or professionals who are interested in using the stock market as a secondary source of income. Additionally, traders with past trading experience who weren't particularly lucky or profitable consistently. Live trading education provided by Learning sharks Mentors and Traders.


Investors who have already experienced market losses or who are preparing for retirement can actively participate in this programme. You will acquire the knowledge and self-assurance needed to continue to keep a Strong position over the long term thanks to this training.


If you are planning to make a career in the stock market as a trader or investor and you just want step in without spending much. This course is for you. Our aim is to teach you how can you make money in the market trading cash, futures or options safely. One can expect a good return from the market after the course.


You want to start investing or trading professionally in the stock market and don't want to spend a lot of money. You should take this course. Our goal is to show you safe ways to trade cash, futures, or options to make money in the market. After the course, one might anticipate a good return from the market.