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Living environment for you to rock your full potential.

Firstly, Unparalleled facilities for all students. Learning sharks experience embraces all aspects of a Student Experience life. Our students widely report that one of the best things about studying at learning sharks is the "money making experience" during the course as well,

Every Friday

We discuss the market, news, turnarounds, investors, market opportunities, refreshments and etc. 

Great Graduate Outcomes

Especially, We are continuously striving to help people from all walks of life flourish in the most imaginative yet basic ways possible so that they can enjoy an uncompromising lifestyle. Currently, Learning Sharks has corporate relationships at various levels, as well as, stockbroking firms that handle multi-billion-dollar portfolios in the national market.
Similarly, These firms hire learning sharks Student Experience and provide them with the most enticing pay packages ever offered in the stock market. Internships, library membership, free Demat accounts, and other advantages are included in the courses offered to help individuals thrive when trading on the BSE and NSE.

Our Mission

Now, in Student Experience, our aim is to foster learning that has a long-term and transformative impact on students and communities.

It should be noted, Students are at the center of everything we do. The stock market affirms every individual’s dignity and worth, regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, or identity. We work together to create good settings where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Calling All What-iffers, Why-notters and Difference Makers

As mentors, we realise that we have a specific responsibility to communicate and promote community values, as well, as to create safe environments for learning, examining intersecting identities and lived experiences, and engaging in meaningful discussion with others.


  • Help our Traders succeed – developing a broader employability offer for students, building on our existing successful professional training program, and supplementing the academic delivery.

  • Listen to our students – working proactively and in partnership to prioritize and clearly communicate joint initiatives which will positively shape the student experience.

  • Work with our students – improving trading support – especially, at key periods of transition – to enable student success throughout.

  • Support our students – providing access to appropriate, high-quality, caring, and coordinated support services to all students, championing inclusivity and growing independence.

Seamless student journey


Furthermore, From pre-arrival to post-graduation, we will provide a seamless experience for all of our students. We will perform a student journey evaluation to identify gaps and potential for improvement in the support we provide to students, including postgraduate researchers.

Take your time exploring everything we have to offer, and please contact us if you have any questions! The series continues throughout the semester to keep the student informed. Students and traders converse on themes relating to the course as well as other social issues. This helps the trader gain expertise and confidence.

Stock Market Integrated Learning Experience

Definitely, Stock Market integrated Learning experience (SMILE) is an important part of the student experience at Learning sharks – connecting learners with real stock market trading and investing settings  or future employers.

In addition to this, Our strategy will identify and deliver focused programmes for certain student groups while also attempting to broaden engagement and inclusivity throughout the trip. Also, We will improve our case-coordination approach to student support and provide the infrastructure required for a seamless experience, ensuring consistent, flexible, and connected access to support.

Academic skills »

Whether you are a beginner student, a intermediate student or somewhere in between, for the most part, to be successful at trading and investing, you need to develop your fundamental academic skills. Here you will find people and information to help you do this effectively.

All practical »

No part of this course includes you writing a whole lot of theory. Shark trader,Technical analysis or fundamental courses as well, are 90% practical. We understand you do not learn the swimming without diving. You will be trading throughout the course.

LGBTIQ support »

The learning sharks is committed to equity and diversity, and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. Accordingly, Our institute is an inclusive and safe community for all. including members of LGBTIQ+ community, 

Access & inclusion »

Since, Assisting students to participate fully in their program of study by minimising the impact of disability and disadvantage on learning. Click here link to find out how to register with Access & Inclusion.

0' week

Prepare for O-Week

In my opinion, Start filling up your calendar with O-Week activities! During,  your first week at learning sharks, you would be engagaded mostly knowing your mentors, batch students and, opening demat account.

Thus, An orientation event is held for each incoming batch of students . The administration of the Institute as well as leaders in the business are available to meet with incoming students and traders. Therefore, The students benefit from their insightful stock market knowledge both during the course and as they prepare for the financial market.

The objective of the first-week course of study is to make the transition to institute life easier. Student Experience and traders get to know their staff on a one-on-one basis. With their course curriculum, readings, and resources. 


learning sharks

A trader’s lifestyle is full of adventurous activities and engagements. All-day trading could become monotonous and isn’t necessary. While one is trying to achieve the best financial education. we make sure it doesn’t become any less exciting than the actual lifestyle is.

We take out our batches for weekly games and social engagement. This keeps our students active, busy and prepared to learn more .

Adventure trips

We love taking our students out on trips. Our future traders the idea of going out of the city. This helps students escape the typical strain of the classroom and gives them a glimpse into the life of a trader. Adventure activities also help students gain confidence and form lifelong friendships with other traders.

learning sharks

COVID-19 Updates

Requirements for Undergraduate Students


Complete the vaccination process. Check the updates here

Recommended Guidelines

  • Facial coverings both indoors and outdoors are optional, but remain strongly recommended.
  • Participation in weekly in weekly if you are not fully vaccinated (including booster when eligible) is strongly recommended.
  • Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to notify their close contacts.

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Learning sharks started in since, 2008 and is a renowned stock market institute among, stock market traders and investors for training, and Investing. In addition, the Learning sharks Institute Provides various NSE & BSE share market courses like financial Derivatives, Technical Analysis coursesfundamentals analysis coursesNISM, and NCFM preparation courses. With 15+ experienced online & offline faculty Cum Traders and 25+ Share market courses for intermediates and professionals. 

With comely course fees, learning sharks assist with jobs and exams along with self-trading and investing.

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Undoubtedly,  learning sharks institute works hard to maintain this list of share market Training courses up to date. However, In the event of a dispute between the programmes mentioned in the Learning sharks Academic Calendar and this list, the Calendar will take precedence nevertheless. In addition,  Please contact the Enrollment Desk if you have any further questions about admissions or programme offerings. Nevertheless, Please contact us at [email protected] to edit a programme listing. Alternatively, you can reach us directly for any course queries. On the contrary, one can call our number 8595071711.

Even so, we launch new stock market integrated trading programmes every 6 months. In spite of stock market trends and conditions. While we have you here. Of course, we do not want to miss asking you to share a review. Clearly, It is necessary and appreciated. our Trading community has been growing evidently. Surely, the credit goes to our mentors and our hard-working trading students. For this reason, we keep coming out with discounts and concessions on our programmes. Besides, We believe each citizen has the right to learn about the market.

Because we believe each student should be successful. Since our program is so powerful. So, we encourage and invite more applications, therefore. Of course, we feel proud to invite the differently abled students too. Moreover, the stock market does not care about any race, religion, family background or religion also. Then, again, We are there to assist you with the best education. Finally, head over to our contact page to speak to our counsellor. For one thing, we do not want our students to fail, which is why give regular and repeated classes too.