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Investor awareness week

Stock market Investor awareness week

Investor Awareness & Social Media

In Fact, Several investors use the web and social media to improve their investment decisions. While these online methods can deliver many advantages for investors. These exact methods can make desirable targets for thieves. 
Especially, The Internet is a helpful way to achieve a mass audience without wasting a lot of time or wealth. Undoubtedly,  A website, online news, or social media site can surpass large numbers with the least action. 
It’s simple for fraudsters to make their messages look real and reasonable. It’s hard for investors to tell the discrepancy between truth and story. Besides, If an investment promotion pulls your interest, study the “opportunity”. Even before giving your phone number and email address. Last but not the least, You may be putting yourself up to target for investment crime.
Stock Market frauds and scams
Criminals are sharp to change to modern technologies. The Internet is no abnormality.
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Stock Tips & Investor Awareness

In the past few years, the affliction of stock tip news, phones, and websites have evolved into a dangerous nuisance.
Moreover, These techniques are sometimes known as “pump and dump” systems. Here’s how a typical scam works. Operators grab illiquid stocks which generally don’t trade. 
In Fact,  The operators are holding stocks and sending out SMS, Telegram, and WhatsApp messages. In order to increase the stock price using retailers’ money.
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