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Q 1. What is learning sharks?

Learning sharks is a stock market institute that started back in 2016 under a different name “bull street trading academy” but, shifted its operations all online. However, Today learning sharks is one of the prominent stock market trading institutes with strong content delivery experience and solid knowledgable instructors.

Our students base combined is more than, 1000+, who all contribute to the overall success of our institute.

Of course, Learning shark has a community of both young and, experienced traders and investors to support upcoming learners.

Q 2.Is it legit?

Is that a legit question? jokes apart, Yes, we are well known in the industry for our services for both, small and large corporations. our students have been places with a lot of big firms such as,  Sharekhan, axis bank, Icici bank, Zerodha, Motilal Oswal, Hdfc bank and more. Our certifications are valid and accepted all over the idea and abroad.Learning sharks is registered under the company ” Business citrus”. The trade name of our business is Learning sharks.

Q 3. Are we better than any other stock market Institues?

Oh, we were kinda expecting that! Yes and No! That’s probably the safest answer. Why do we think we are? To start off, Our experience in teaching is something to consider, and our huge number of mentors makes it just easy for our students to understand the concept religiously.

The concept of proving you with a different instructor who specifically, has expertise in a given topic just makes so, much sense. We do not believe in one teacher for all the modules. That’s what makes us stand apart, Why are other stock market institutions considerable? They have been in the market too, we are sure they have something to teach you too.

Q 4 Who is the owner?

After, Started with and still keeping with the sole aim to provide the best stock market courses also, education. Learning sharks is managed by a few traders. It has no sole owner, which makes it a community that runs it and that particularly reduces the wish to make money from students; Which also somehow, makes it all easy for the courses to be offered at such prices.

Q 5. Who should i contact for my questions?

Yes, you may have questions, and we welcome them. At learning sharks, you may have so many questions related to management, instructors, fees, courses, job openings, course material and furthermore, Don’t worry, they all can be addressed.

Either you can visit our contact page and fill out the form or you can send us an email directly at [email protected] and your query/feedback will be entertained in 24-48 hours.

Alternatively, you can call us on our number, and we will try to assist you as soon, as possible.

Q 6. What is the cost of the course and how can i pay?

The course fee varies from course to course and is mentioned under the fees section. At times, we run some discounts on our courses, you can always ask about it from the education counsellor.


For some reason, if you can’t pay the whole fee before, we break it into interest-free instalments. Since, we forward your fees to the mentors, in the event of non-payment of the fees, your class will be put on hold or terminated until the next payment.We understand emergencies, do not worry we will not chuck you out and will give you enough time.


You can make payments using UPI, bank transferes, Credit or Debit card and cash in some cases.

Q 7 Can i make career in the stock market after this course?

Or why else will you take it if it doesn’t? ok, let’s understand this. We offer multiple courses from making you a full-time stock trader to a full-time employee.


Yes! undoubtedly, you would be able to do both of them after, your course. Once you learn how to trade in the stock market, the cash you would be generating can simply just not be offered in any corporate. You become your own boss.


However, if you see the stock market as a passion yet still want to work after the course, we respect that. You can appear for the NCFM and NISM exams for which we btw pay if you clear with about 90%. A plethora of job vacancies is open for you once you clear the exam.


From the banking sector, Insurance companies, broking houses and research houses, financial institutions and, investment banking sector as terminal operator/dealer, relationship executive and manager, executive or manager in RMS, executive and manager in depository department DP, executive and manager in back-office department, technical and fundamental analyst or research analyst or assistant to research analyst.


Or you can become a broker or sub-broker and do business, or you can open your research advisory company and give research tips to your clients. Choice is yours.

Q 8 Should i take online course or offline course? whats the difference?

That’s a good one!  Let’s clear the Myth! There is no difference. Content covered in offline and, online classes is exactly the same. From instructors to study material, topics, the number of trades you punch in, and a number of hours you put in are still, the same. Although, there is one difference. We personally find it better for students to come over, and take in-person classes.


Why? well,  you know, It just gives a different understanding when your teacher is right there for you.Of course, that avoids so many issues everybody faces with online classes like internet issues or parents or relatives interrupting in while you are being serious about your future. Rest, we keep it for you to decide , which ones is the best for you.

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