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Revolutionary change! Newsletter September


The Future & Current Students

Subject Revolutionary change, (News letter September )

 First of all, We are pleased to inform you about the fundamental changes Revolutionary change, in our style of education. While Learning sharks has been dedicated to serving the best financial knowledge amongst future traders and investors. They thrive to be constantly on the top of the list of stock market institutes, 

we have managed to keep ourselves updated and integrated with the stock market As well.


In this newsletter, you will learn about the improved vision and mission, in aspects of academics, and extracurriculars along with our extended support including EAP, alternative format, etc for students with disability.


Undoubtedly, Learning sharks is known for its exceptional quality of trading and investing knowledge, and practical way of content delivery. 

Definitely, We have collaborated with SMTA trading academy, to take our training to the next level. This would enable our students to be a part of a stock market-integrated learning experience (SMILE).


With our new Access and Inclusion ( A& I) programme we invite applications from students with disabilities. We believe in each and everyone’s dream regardless of their race, religion, color, family background, and physical appearance. 

In fact, With our approach to reaching out to every individual in the class, we hereby introduce our new batch size with a cap of 5 students. 

Institute continues to exercise the “funds for trade”  programme for all our newcomers.

Of course, We as an education institute understand the responsibility to respect each individuality and serve the best of financial education to all genders and preferences. In addition, We support and encourage the Proud members of the LGBTQ community members to actively take part in our stock market trading programme.

At last, Our institute encourages trading students for our next enrollment programme. Also, we wish our current students all the best in education and practical learning for this session. #learntoearn


OSA -Office of students affairsRevolutionary change



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