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SBI’s gift to customers! He is sending chocolates to these customers every month, know why?

State Bank of India (SBI) has launched a novel initiative in which chocolates are sent to a select group of customers each month. Inform us about it.

SBI Chocolate Program: State Bank of India has a distinctive reputation among customers all over the nation. In addition to being a government bank, it enjoys widespread public trust. Thousands of people use this bank’s numerous amenities and have accounts there. In such circumstances, State Bank of India does not fall behind in considering its clients.The biggest public bank in the nation has started a novel project. In accordance with this, the bank provides some of its clients with chocolates each month. Please tell us which customers State Bank of India rewards with chocolates each month.

Chocolates are being given to these selected customers

A novel initiative by State Bank of India (SBI) involves sending chocolates to a select group of customers each month. Every month, customers who repay their loans on time will receive chocolate under this arrangement. Yes, the bank sends chocolates to customers who pay their monthly loan installments (EMI) on time.

The largest loan-giving bank in the nation, SBI, claims that many borrowers ignore the calls the bank makes to remind them to make payments on their loans. This is why the bank chose this strategy to encourage loan borrowers to make their EMI payments on time.

Bank representatives visit without prior notification

These actions were taken by the bank to recoup loans from borrowers. As a result, bank representatives call on them without prior notice. The bank has chosen a novel approach to meet with them in person. The bank employee also brings a box of chocolates with him during this time.

Customers happy after getting surprise at home!

According to the bank, this is the best option for borrowers who ignore its calls or are preparing to default. Unannounced home visits by bank representatives, followed by a chocolate surprise, is a new initiative that is receiving positive feedback.

The bank claims that many customers have been missing installment payments ever since the interest rates on retail loans increased. For your information, let us note that retail loans increased by 16.46% in the June 2023 quarter, while they are rising at a rate of 13.96% annually.

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